110 RING

When 110 Ring founder Megan Hyte approached the CNC team for our brand development services, she was at the very INITIAL stages of her business development journey. We established a creative partnership that allowed our team to strategically guide the brand identity process while also supplying the creative resources needed to produce the brand assets that  activated her vision into reality.

Brand Development
110 Ring
Atlanta, Ga

As we began our journey with the 110 Ring founders, we initialized our development process with several in-depth “discovery sessions” that immediately established a safe and productive space for us to explore every idea that initially inspired the concept of the 110 Ring brand.

Once we peeled through these various layers of ideas, something truly magical began to occur. What started as a simple idea for an athlete inspired silicon activewear ring, blossomed into a full fledged sports brand centered by it’s purpose of providing impactful fundraising opportunities for youth athletic sports programs across the United States.